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Help the Children- this has always been our yell, our fight, and our advocacy. The children are our leaders of tomorrow. They are the ones who will be politicians, engineers, doctors, government workers, professionals, and, in general, the citizens of different countries. How we raise the children of today will directly affect how they will lead their lives in the future. It is in our hands whether they will be provided with the right direction for their lives and be the leaders that we aspire them to be.

All People Are Affected

Whether you have your children or not, the lives of the people we love will be affected by the way we take care of our children today. If they will not have enough food, water, and shelter, they may resort to bad activities to survive. If we will not give them a proper education, they may become illiterate all of their lives. Every child in the world is a diamond waiting to be discovered. All it takes is for one person to put their hopes in them.

You have to invest in these children. Only through enough time, money, and effort can we truly see our aspirations come into fruition. Hope is the only thing that we can give these children from the start. Even if this hope is dimmed, as long as it is still lit, we can still put enough wood to keep it burning. This hope will continue to be lit as long as we keep on providing and caring for the children of tomorrow.


Help The Children

We are a nonprofit organization that has one simple goal. We want to help the children. This is such a broad task that we need to get everyone involved. A few hands can only help a few kids. A million hands can help a million kids. We need to be synchronized in the way we think. If we have high hopes for these children, we can be sure that we will do everything we can to provide the things that they need so that they can grow to fulfill the potential that they have today.


Our organization starts with the primary needs of the children. We started in 1993 by reaching out to the poor sectors of society and providing sufficient food for the children for the whole year. We partner with many public and private institutions to make sure that every child gets the nutrition that they need. We also educate the families to look out for their health in their current situations. This involves keeping their homes clean and their baths sanitary.

We built our first shelter in 2003. We housed around 50 children at that time. We provided all the kids with proper education. We reached out to sports organizations to sponsor these kids and teach them different kinds of sports. We asked the help of various tourism sectors to provide them with vacations outside the country like Amsterdam city tours and Amsterdam canal tours. We aim to make their childhood as normal as possible so that they will do the same for the next generation.

Join Us!

There's no more fulfilling work than helping people get their lives back. Join us help children across the globe!

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