We believe that the children are indeed the future of each generation. If no one looks out for the children in this era, we will have less hope for what will be in store for the world and the environment in which future generations will live in. When we realize that it is the children of today that will lead countries of tomorrow, we will have a greater aspiration for their needs. Not only should their primary requirements be satisfied, but their mindset should also be set. It is through institutions and organizations like ours that we can provide a better future for the children, give them the proper mindset about leading and helping each other, and carve a more improved generation than what we have today.

Food and nutrition

Children can only follow instructions if their primary needs are met. And the food is one that should be supplied to them to completely nourish their minds and their bodies. Sufficient nutrients and vitamins help children grow and fully develop. Through proper nutrition, we can have a better hope for them to think better, perform at their best, and dream higher than where they are now. As an organization, we must help these children. They cannot sustain themselves yet. They need people who can give them enough food for each day. Help us bring the best nutrition for them as much as possible.


Another primary need that children have is shelter. Because we handle thousands of children per year, it is the aim of the organization to have a sustainable environment for all the kids and keep them healthy through a clean shelter. The homes that we provide the children should have ample space for them to move and play around. The sleeping quarters should be sufficient to manage all the children. Although we go on Amsterdam holidays and Amsterdam zoos, they still need a place to go home to.