About Us

Our website is Help The Children. We are a nonprofit and non-government organization that aims to provide everything that a child needs to live as normal as possible today and be the best citizen and people that they can be in the future. We will do whatever it takes to give the basic needs of the children like food, shelter, education, and care which comes from all our volunteers and partner companies. Your donations and your help are all well-received by the children in Belgium and by the children from different parts of the globe that gets additional help from us through the funneling of money from all of you.

The Organization

Ever since the organization was founded in 1993, the group of volunteers from the United States aimed to alleviate the lives of the children in Belgium and around the world. Their efforts have been recognized by other nonprofit organizations with the same endeavor and advocacy. And their work has been rewarded with the help that every kind-hearted people give to them. The organization thanks everyone who has helped the poor children here and around the world. Because of you, we have given these children Amsterdam city trips and Amsterdam canal tours. Because of you, they still see hope in their lives.